RVKfringe Nanna speech opening party Sveinlaug.jpg

nanna Gunnars

Festival Director

Nanna studied European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College in London, before getting involved in immersive theatre and promenades, such as the award-winning show You Once Said Yes at the Edinburgh Fringe. She later set up the event production company Huldufugl with her partner and moved back to Iceland. Huldufugl’s productions combine various art forms, best showcased in regular productions of Rauða Skáldahúsið, which combines poetry, theatre, burlesque, cabaret, and circus. Huldufugl also produces the award-winning theatre production Kassinn / A Box In The Desert that takes place within virtual reality, that has toured Europe and the USA. Nanna loves food and travelling, and she can always be distracted or bribed with cheese.


jessica lomonaco

Production Manager

Jessica LoMonaco is an organisation-powerhouse. Hailing from New York City, where she studied Theater at the New School, she gives us a little international flair. Full of passion and drive, she has been a key cast member of The Possibility Project, a change-making theatre program for youth that she hopes to bring to Iceland. She’s performed off-Broadway, including The Public Theater, through The Possibility Project. Jessica also organises Rauða Skáldahúsið (The Poetry Brothel Reykjavik) where she and Nanna met. If you've got questions about how things work at the festival, she'll know the answer, and might even bring out her Brooklyn accent if you ask nicely.


sindri þór sigríðarson

Planning and CFO

The festival wouldn't function without Sindri Þór Sigríðarson, our finance manager. Fortunately Sindri likes handling all the things Jessica and Nanna don't, such as making business plans, raising funds, organising sponsorships and making sure the festival gets by financially. Sindri has a background in business and production, having worked on various music festivals such as Secret Solstice, Phono Festival and South by Southwest. You don't want to mess with Sindri!